Working with Larisse on a number of relational issues, has offered me clarity when old anxieties and discomfort arise. I now have tools for releasing insecurities and the messaging of old tapes, tapes I’ve played for years. Larisse’s insight and lens on the problems as I’ve presented them, has been transformative. She is an excellent practitioner, always returning to the individuals ability to transform and shape their experiences and meaning. Her ideas are fresh and freeing, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her. You will be, too. Miriam, Boston Ma

Dear Larisse, Working with you has changed my life! When I began my sessions with you, anxiety and panic attacks were daily companions. In the space of a few months that has disappeared – and that’s no mean feat given that this past year has been one of the most difficult in my life. Every session with you brings tremendous relief, but perhaps more importantly I am now able to “release” the stress myself – permanently. Through your EFT program I learned to recognize and reprogram old, automatic ways of thinking and feeling, and replace them with positive patterns. My heartfelt thanks. Nicky, Vancouver

Listening hearing providing a gateway to the truth to the marrow of the pain we carry around these ideas, after the fact, after the incident, and they change through time as we mull them about or as we try to forget them, like an internal game of telephone – we change the truth, often to our detriment. Yet they live on and manifest in ways we may not understand. As they have not been seen for what they are, we have not had the maturity or courage to reckon what really battered us at the time as it was so complex and maybe we were too young to understand, or maybe there were too many components meaning: many people, loved ones, were also affected, and suffering, and we were sensitive to those, so we could not see through to our own. So we store these things in the the soft marrow of our bones (or maybe our subconscious) and they may fester, or manifest in unexplained ways for not having been brought into the light and reconciled.this my dear Larisse, is how you helped me Sydnee, Michigan

Dear Larisse, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through one of the hardest times of my life. It was only five months ago when I first started the tapping sessions with you, I couldn’t even leave my house without having a panic attack. Shortly after my mother had passed away is when I experienced my first panic attack while driving on the expressway going to visit my dad, I had a massive panic attack and from that point on I developed so many phobias and anxiety. Doctors wanted to put me on meds which has dangerous side-efects and the psychotherapist didn’t help much. I am a mother of a 14 year old son and a full-time student and there was no way for me to be able to function being doped up on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. This was not an option; this is no way to live. I will never forget, even after the first session with you, I felt so calm and relaxed for the rest of the day. This is something I hadn’t felt for months…always waiting in fear of when the next attack will happen. Larisse, you have helped me to face my fears through the process of tapping… you showed me how to clean out and release so many traumatic memories of my past and present. With each tapping sessions you have helped me to peel away each layer of negative emotions and beliefs. My body used to be in a constant state of fear and panic and now it’s conditioned to be in a state of calm and confident. Like you said, life will always bring on stress but now I have the tools through tapping to wipe it out as soon as it comes along. Anxiety and depression used to be a resident in my mind but now when it knocks on my door, all I have to do is tap and it runs away. Tapping is not easy by any means, but with your help and compassion, I had the courage to face my fears and press-on. I have also share tapping with people I have encountered and I found out that I am not alone in my fears. Many other people have experienced panic attacks. This revelation has given me comfort. Now, I love myself and I forgive myself…and yes…I have learned to write my own story… filled with sunny days. My deepest gratitude for all that you have done for me. Rebecca G., Illinois

‘Thank you Larisse for sharing your unique perspective and valued expertise as an EFT Practitioner and for supporting us through our personal and professional transformation in our EFT workshop.   In your facilitator role,  I always felt reassured by your calm grounded nature , your ability to stay in tune with us and create a safe space.  Thank you for your openness, sense of humor and above all for enriching my workshop experience!” Patricia, British Columbia

Thank you for an amazing introduction to EFT. You were compelling and really tuned in — a great speaker. You made it easy to understand and gave us the tools to get started. Elodie, British Columbia

You are a very good trainer, articulate, to the point and very easy to learn from!! If I can arrive at a point that I can be just as at comfortable as you are in your EFT work I will be a very happy person! Betty, France

Dear Larisse,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for that workshop you conducted in Vancouver recently.

Yesterday, something very traumatic and hurtful happened in an attempt to help someone.  My physical response was quite intense with shaking, elevated heart rate, adrenalin pumping, cortisol levels tangibly rising, and my emotional response was one of utter grief and pain.  The injustice of the situation and my inability to rectify it contributed to the intensity of the response.

I went in and drew a bath, shakily set up my essential oil diffuser and put some oils known for helping out with emotional trauma in it, and got in the tub.  As I was sobbing and trying to find some sense of peace and get back to remembering (and believing) that I am a person who really does serve others well, I began to do the EFT you taught us, verbalizing my feelings while tapping.  It was so incredible to see how it enabled me to physically calm down and have the space to think through what had happened, processing it in a healthy and reasonable way.

Someday, when it is possible, I want to learn more about EFT.  What I learned from you that night turned out to be an incredible tool for helping a highly sensitive person like me get back into a balanced and peaceful state without having to resort to an emergency therapy session or handling it in an unhealthy way.  Between the EFT and the essential oils, I believe that my toolbox for living a healthy and balanced life is becoming well-equipped.

Thank you so very much for your time and your willingness to teach us that evening. Anonymous, Vancouver


My Experience working with Larisse was uniquely interesting and liberating.

I have been in 3 major car accidents, all at my own fault . Consequently, driving or even being a passenger in a car became a nightmare. This was definitely interfering with my life.  Every single time I entered a vehicle I would have at least one visualization of a potential car accident, some extremely severe.

A friend of mine suggested that working with Larisse might help. I had no idea what to expect but was willing to give it a try and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet with her.

In one session I experienced and worked through a range of emotions and was introduced to a technique to release my stress which has changed my experiences driving indefinitely.  By venting and processing all the negative experiences or thoughts I had with driving and visualizing positive outlooks Larisse was able to guide me into a sense of calm while in a vehicle.  Regardless of knowing a crash could  still happen, I no longer have constant visualizations of accidents occurring in my mind.

It is hard for me to even to remember clearly just how scared I used to be in a car. My anxiety and nervousness are completely gone. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome, it really does amaze me how with knowledge and experience someone can have such power over the human brain.

Forever grateful, this truly has changed my life.

Kira Volenecz, Ontario

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