EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT is a tool that can be used as a self-help tool, or with the help of a practitioner to release and clear the emotional conflicts in our minds and bodies that contribute to our issues. Referred to as psychological acupressure, it is a technique that combines modern psychology with some of the practices and principles of ancient Chinese acupuncture.

During an EFT sequence, we tap with our fingertips on a number of acupuncture points on our face and body while tuning in to the problem that is bothering us in order to release the intensity and reframe the issues. By stimulating the acupressure points while we focus on a specific issue, the theory is that EFT clears disturbances or imbalances within the person’s energy system. Research as to why exactly tapping works so effectively is ongoing but regardless of the reason, the results of tapping are undeniable.

Tapping can work exceptionally well for emotional stress of any kind – anxiety, fears, guilt, phobias, etc. It can also be very successful when applied properly to addictions, pain, success and abundance issues, chronic illness and any challenge that is emotionally based or has a significant emotional component.

With regards to pain, the approach is from the emotional angle. Only medical doctors, are allowed to treat the medical diagnosis, but you can treat the symptoms, the emotional contributors to an ailment, with the tapping.

Guilt, shame and self-flagellation not only decrease worthiness and erode self-esteem but also cause illness and pain. Most people beat themselves up (whether consciously or sub-consciously) for virtually everything they do wrong or have ever done wrong. Then we carry the weight of those mistakes, screw ups or failures on our shoulders for the rest of our lives. Tapping can help to release this burden and to redirect energies toward our goals.

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Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation)

FasterEFT, developed by Robert Smith, combines the rudiments of traditional EFT with insights and techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy. Central to the philosophy of Faster EFT is the premise that “There are no Broken people it’s just that they are operating from hurt and broken ideas.” In other words, we perfectly produce what we know how to produce based on our perceptions, past memories and experiences. When we think about something, we feel it; what our mind thinks our body follows. When we tap, we create an interruption in the mind-body communication system. Among other things, we create relaxation in the mind-body and shift perception at the same time. With NLP and hypnotic techniques, we target the subconscious structures or processes that enable us to create and experience our problems and further enhance our ability to clear traumatic experiences and live the lives we want to live.

“If you can change your perception and how you see things then you can change your whole life” Robert G. Smith

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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique developed by Sasha Allenby and EFT Master Karl Dawson that allows you to access and clear the memories that keep you stuck in less then optimal patterns of thought and behavior.

The Matrix is another name for the Quantum Field, it is a unified energy field that connects us all. Imprinting, refers to the process by which humans take on characteristics of their parents during the first 6 years of life, We can also be imprinted with ideas about ourselves and the world through experiences and inheritance. Traumas and other negative experiences as well the culture and our families of origin can sometimes leave us with limiting beliefs and perceptions of the world and ourselves.

Like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting helps us clear the emotion around a memory as well as uncover and reframe limiting beliefs so we can move on. However, unlike EFT, Matrix Reimprinting helps us to change the negative images we hold in our minds and replace them with powerful new positive ones. This is important for it is the images of ourselves and the world that we hold at a subconscious level that we send out into the matrix and that we attract back. Our memories become blueprints for how we experience new situations and our beliefs become self fulfilling prophecies. Matrix reimprinting helps us create the experiences and beliefs that support positive growth and develpment.

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Hypnosis may be described as guided concentration. The guidance in the case of hypnotherapy is by a qualified hypnotherapist, or in the case of self-hypnosis, by the individual. In either case hypnosis as a powerful therapeutic tool.

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened, focused awareness. It is not sleep, unconsciousness, magic or mind control. In most cases, the client is fully aware and able to respond to requests, either verbally of by a signal. There is no surrender of control and no one who is hypnotized can be forced to do anything against his or her will. Although it is not a panacea, hypnotherapy can be tremendously helpful in improving concentration, relieving insomnia, overcoming phobias, eliminating unwanted habits, pain control and managing stress.

Hypnotherapy can help a person access and enlist the subconscious mind in order to more easily understand oneself, achieve personal goals, and effect desired changes. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques and is a natural companion for EFT.

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