Thriving Through Emotional Freedom

As we live life we develop coping mechanisms, ways to make sense of our particular world. Sometimes a coping mechanism that made sense at one time is no longer effective, becoming an impediment to our optimum experience. An inability to enjoy life and graciously move through every day issues is our reminder – a reminder to pause, and take the time to find our way again.

Thriving Thorough Emotional Freedom combines advanced and progressive approaches to conquering many forms of depression, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, learning challenges and physical and emotional disorders and problems.

My approach is based on the use of the proven techniques of clinical hypnotherapy, Faster EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and EFT. These advanced techniques have been applied to thousands of people globally, and have been endorsed by medical experts including psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians.

In most cases, you will see progress almost immediately. Together we will move through your blocks, uncovering many new possibilities.

I encourage you to explore the site and and contact me for a free consultation.